Episode 016 | Rush “Hemispheres” & Alvin Youngblood Hart “Motivational Speaker”

Two albums featuring musicians’ musicians! Alvin Youngblood Hart mixes his San Francisco upbringing with Mississippi Country Blues to create some of the best guitar work we’ve heard in awhile. Motivational Speaker features some impressive guests including Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi All-Stars) and Audley Freed (Cry of Love, Black Crowes). Hart explores a full range of genres including twang, blues, rock, psychedelic rock and echos of Jimi Hendrix.

Hemispheres is Rush’s epic prog rock classic. Featuring only 4 songs, it encapsulates the mystical elements of their songs with straight up, rock and roll that Rush perfected over their first five albums. With the first side of the album beginning where the previous album left off, Cygnus X-1 tells a journey and takes the listener on a incredible 20 minute ride. A true hidden gem, it precedes their more commercial albums that followed, Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures.


Alvin Youngblood Hart


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