Episode 014 | Balsam Range “Papertown” & Public Enemy “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back”

Episode 14 of AlbumSwap Podcast features Public Enemy and Balsam Range

Episode 14 of features Bluegrass and Rap for a diverse mix. Balsam Range is a five-piece Bluegrass band from Canton, North Carolina and named the band from local Blue Ridge Mountains. Papertown tells the story of Canton as an old paper mill town. The album won several awards including top Bluegrass album for the year and features some great covers including Elmore James “One Way Out” make popular by the Allman Brothers. Public Enemy is from New York City and their 1988 sophomore effort, “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” is considered one of the greatest rap albums of all times. Delivering s strong social message that still resonates today, the album is full of passion and honest emotions and some great beats.


Episode 008 | Amy Winehouse “Back to Black” & The Beastie Boys “Paul’s Boutique”

Episode 8 of Album Swap Podcast has Amy Winehouse and Beastie Boys albums swapped

Episode 8 features Amy Winehouse’s Grammy-winning album “Back to Black” and the Beastie Boys’ “Paul’s Boutique”. Both albums were the second releases from each artist and demonstrate expanded songwriting and music beyond the first albums. Back by The Dap Kings, Amy Winehouse brings together soul, jazz and rhythm and blues to make an honest story of her life. Paul’s Boutique is heralded as one of the finest rap albums ever recorded and contains an amazing mix by The Dust Brothers.

For more information on the samples used in Paul’s Boutique visit paulsboutique.info.

Here’s the Shadrach video as well.


Episode 006 | Led Zeppelin “Presence” & J. Cole “4 Your Eyez Only”

Album Swap Podcast Episode 6 has Led Zeppelin and J. Cole reviewed

Episode 6 has one of the greatest bands of all time, Led Zeppelin’s “Presence” reviewed. Released in 1976, it was one of the lowest selling albums of the band’s career. However it remains a favorite of the band and many fans while being overlooked by radio and casual fans.

J. Cole’s “4 Your Eyez Only” was released in 2016 and debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. All 10 singles from the album ranked in the Top 40 as well. Hailed by critics as his best album to date.

J. Cole “4 Your Eyez Only”

Led Zeppelin “Presence”

Here’s a view of the Mail The Horse playlist that we mentioned during the podcast.

Mail the Horse Setlist from The Pinhook, April 2017